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I'm looking for certain artists and certain shows, if you have any of these shows or know of a trader that does, please let me know at Here is a list of my wants.


Bruce Springsteen - Audio - Soundboard or Broadcast shows, not audience recordingsthroughout his career, solo and with the E Street Band.

Jimi Hendrix - Video/VCD - Looking for proshot concerts of Jimi Hendrix preferably in VCD format, but VHS format is fine as well.

KISS Complete Demo Collection - Audio - For a long time I've been looking for a complete collection of all the KISS demos! If there is anyone that can get me a copy of all the demo's, I would be very thankfull! Remember, these can be traded in MP3 format at 128KB or greater to save disc's!

The Strokes - Audio & Video - Soundboard, Broadcast, or Audience recordings of good quality. Also looking for concerts videos or VCD's of them, especially the MTV2 show.

TV Show "Jackass" - Complete TV Series and Gumball 3000 Episode - I've seen VCD collection's for sale and if there is anyone who has this VCD collection and has an extra or could make me a copy, I would appreciate it!


Click here to view my complete trade list, audio and video.


1. I don't mind trading in audio cd format, but if you would like, to save disc's I would prefer to trade in MP3 format, 128KB and higher. I've done this before and it has worked out great for both of us and we do many more trades this way! (If you're worried about lesser quality, don't, I know a way to beef up the sound to as clear and crisp as it can be!)

2. If we trade in audio cd format, disk's should be recorded in DAO or Disc At Once format.

3. I like to make trading as easy, enjoyable, and fast as possible. I'm a cooperative, trustworthy, and nice guy so no rip-off's!! I want to trade with people who enjoy getting quality concerts from other fans, so don't waste my time if you are not going to live up to your end of the deal.


You can contact me the following ways:


Yahoo Messenger: stud_smedley

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