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Here are some links to KISS websites that have helped out in information for this site. This section also includes websites that are some of my favorites. If you would like to trade links, just e-mail me.

Excellent site! The absolute best for KISS information of all aspects of the band!

The official website of KISS! Has all the latest news, merchandise, "Girls of KISS", exclusive multimedia and much more!

KISS Links Portal
The largest and most extensive collection of KISS links on the web!


CDR Live Recording Trading Site!
Great website with a trustworthy dealer! Many bands including KISS, Bon Jovi, John Mellencamp, and many many more! Also has VideoCD's!!

2001-2002 JTS. All images and information has been gathered from the Internet or information sources. Everything KISS is owned by them or other respective owners. I am not a audio or video dealer and will not be selling any of the shows that are out in the market. This website is non-profit and for information purposes only!!